Cartographic Antiquarian

An old map tells so much more.
About the prevailing world view, the unknown or the known, the voyages of discovery, world trade, the prevailing customs, political and military situation and many other aspects.


Discover the Edward Wells collection.

Edward Wells, an English mathematician, theologian, geographer and cartographer who imparted knowledge. We would also like to tell our visitors something about the world of antique maps. Only if an antique map appeals for whatever reason, it has value for the enthusiast.
And behind every map is a story.

The map lovers we have already received are private collectors, people who have purchased a map as a permanently valuable object for wall decoration, researchers such as genealogists, private and institutional investors with historical interest, curators of museums and companies who want to give their relations a timeless gift.

Edward Wells specializes in the purchase and sale of, among other things, antique maps and city maps.
The special collection of woodcuts, copper engravings and etchings covers the period from the 15th to the 19th century. 

We only sell authentic graphics.