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A map that is almost 400 years old, a copper engraving, created by H.C. Gijger. The map is from Valais, Switzerland, dated 1622 and published in 1640. It illustrates how this part of the earth is built, where the rivers and mountains are located.
It shows the unknown, the other side of the mountain range, the other side of the river.

A map that meets the need of man who wants to discover the world, who wants to broaden his horizon. But it is also a map that summarizes the creator's brilliance.

The mathematical, geographical and cartographic expertise of this map maker.

If one takes the trouble to refer to such a map geographically using a current satellite image and elevation model, it soon becomes apparent that the knowledge acquired 400 years ago is amazing.

The map is almost perfect, both on the x and y axis and on the z axis. And to think that almost 400 years ago there were only limited land surveying tools. Astonishing!

This fascination for old maps prompted us to set up Cartographic Antiquarian Edward Wells.

Named after Edward Wells, an English cartographer and teacher from around 1700. Only if a map appeals does it has value for the map lover. It may be that it appeals due to the prevailing worldview, the known (or perhaps the unknown), for exploration, for world trade, for political or military reasons, and for so many other reasons. As a 17th century Spanish writer once said about maps: "They allow you to travel the world and discover it without suffering from cold, hunger and thirst".

We hope you enjoy looking at the collection on this website and we would like to welcome you to visit our premises in Ermelo, Netherlands.

We strive to provide descriptions that are as accurate as possible of what we offer. In addition, we usually provide a certificate of authenticity upon your purchase.

We only sell original and printed maps.

Edward Wells

Cartographic Antiquarian Edward Wells specialises in the purchase and sale of antique maps, city maps, atlases, topographical books and charts. We focus exclusively on authentic material, created and published during the period encompassing the 15th to the 19th century.


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