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WORLD AND POLAR REGIONS, World; 'Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum Auctore I.V. Meurs' - Edward Wells Cartografisch Antiquariaat
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WORLD AND POLAR REGIONS - World; "Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum Auctore I.V. Meurs" - Jacob van Meurs 6147: World; "Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum Auctore I.V. Meurs", Jacob van Meurs, 1660

Technique: Copper engraving
Size in cm.: 26*34
Colouring: Hand coloured
Condition: Good. Wide margins. Few professional restaurations in lower image part. Verso: blank.
Price: € 1.750,00

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#New. Rare world map in hemispheres, based on Arnold Colom's wonderfully graphic depiction of the world from the first world maritime atlas. In the Western Hemisphere the island of California is separated from Nova Albion, which stretches towards Asia and off the map. The western coast of New Zealand appears, as do several other important Pacific islands. Australia is partially mapped, with a suggested attachment to New Guinea and only the southern tip of Tasmania. Superb engravings surround the map with four statuesque female allegorical representations of the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Between the cusps of the map, Day is represented by Apollo and Night by his sister Diana. Each hemisphere includes a strapwork cartouche. The Dutch title (Werelt Caart Nieuwlyx uytgegeven) appears in the cartouche in the Eastern Hemisphere. Meurs' map was later copied by Van der Aa, which is more commonly available.

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