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WORLD AND POLAR REGIONS, World; 'Planiglobii Terrestris (..) / Mappe-Monde (..)' - Edward Wells Cartografisch Antiquariaat
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WORLD AND POLAR REGIONS - World; "Planiglobii Terrestris (..) / Mappe-Monde (..)" - Homann (family) 6077: World; "Planiglobii Terrestris (..) / Mappe-Monde (..)", Homann (family), 1746

Technique: Copper engraving
Size in cm.: 46*55
Colouring: Hand coloured
Condition: Excellent. Fold as issued. Wide margins. Outer margins slightly frayed. Verso: blank.
Price: 1.100,00

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This handsome double hemisphere world map was drawn by Georg Moritz Lowitz, based on the work of Johann Mathias Haas. It includes four polar spheres, each in a different projection, and two interesting diagrams depicting the earth, as it would be seen from space. This is a later (circa 1760), more interesting version with the coast above California revised to show an early Alaskan Peninsula based on Mueller's important map. In the South Pacific there are partial coastlines of New Zealand and Australia. Two very large, decorative cartouches contain the titles, one in Latin, the other French. The Latin cartouche features mythical sea creatures and the other is surrounded by fruit and animals representing the bounty of the earth.

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