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EUROPE, Czech Republic; 'Moravia Nova et Post Omnes (..)' - Edward Wells Cartografisch Antiquariaat
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EUROPE - Czech Republic; "Moravia Nova et Post Omnes (..)" - Claes Janszoon Visscher 5933: Czech Republic; "Moravia Nova et Post Omnes (..)", Claes Janszoon Visscher, 1645

Technique: Copper engraving
Size in cm.: 44*55
Colouring: Old coloured in outline
Condition: Good. Flattened. Partly remargined. Professional restored in central image part. Nice copy. Strong print. Verso: blank.
Price: € 1.100,00

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Uncommon "Carte à figures" of Moravia, a historical country in the Czech Republic. Copper engraving in the 4th state with the dte changed in 1645. The titel appears in a cartouche in the upper right corner, the imprint in the lower right. Above the latter is an upright rectangular cartouche with a Notarum explicatio for the symbols. Two bar scales in the lower left corner. The 42-line Latin dedication to Ladislav Velen, signed by I.A. Comenius, appears in te upper left corner. Below this dediction cartouche the name of the engraver Abraham Goos is placed. Along the upper edge of the map runs a frieze with four town views: Polna, Olmuts, Brin and Znaim. The map maker, Jan Amos Komensky, better known as Comenius, is one of the most important persons in the Moravian cultural history. Rare copper engraving, published in Amsterdam, 1645.

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