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ASIA, Japan; 'Naauw-Keurige Kaart van 't Keizerryk Japan, Na de nieuste ontdekkingen opgestelt' - Edward Wells Cartografisch Antiquariaat
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ASIA - Japan; "Naauw-Keurige Kaart van 5868: Japan; "Naauw-Keurige Kaart van 't Keizerryk Japan, Na de nieuste ontdekkingen opgestelt", Isaak Tirion, 1728

Technique: Copper engraving
Size in cm.: 25*33
Colouring: Hand coloured
Condition: Excellent. Ample margins. Verso: blank.
Price: € 440,00

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Large size copper engraving. This map appeared just one year after the Kaempfer/Scheuchzer map appeared in Kaempfer's book on Japan. In the upper part of the map Jesso of Jesogasima ook Kamtzchatka is shown north of the Noto Peninsula. At the map's lower edge the tip of the island of Ryukyu is labeled Tanaxima. The route of the Dutch expedition between Nagasaki and Edo is shown. This version of the Kaempfer/Scheuchzer map was very influential, being published in several languages. It also served as the model for the miniature version of the map in Kaempfer's later edition of 1732 and 1749.

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