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AMERICA, South America; 'Amerique Meridionale' - Edward Wells Cartografisch Antiquariaat
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AMERICA - South America; "Amerique Meridionale" - Nicolas Sanson, Pierre Mariette 5823: South America; "Amerique Meridionale", Nicolas Sanson, Pierre Mariette, 1650

Technique: Copper engraving
Size in cm.: 39*54
Colouring: Old coloured in outline
Condition: Very good. Central fold. Sufficient margins. Few stains in lower margins. Verso: blank.
Price: € 340,00

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Large folio map of the continent with Sanson's characteristic attention to detail. The relatively unknown Amazon region is left without speculation. The mythical Lac de Parime still appears with the legendary Manoa del Dora (city of gold) on its western shore; although the lake is diminished in size from earlier depictions. There is considerable detail of towns and cities and the capitaineries are delineated in Brazil. Decorated with a strapwork title cartouche. Engraved by A. Peyrounin.

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