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EUROPE, Spain, Andalusia, Granada; 'Partie Meridionale des Costes d'Espagne (..)' - Edward Wells Cartografisch Antiquariaat
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EUROPE - Spain, Andalusia, Granada; "Partie Meridionale des Costes d 5633: Spain, Andalusia, Granada; "Partie Meridionale des Costes d'Espagne (..)", Jean Baptiste Nolin, 1704

Technique: Copper engraving
Size in cm.: 54*84
Colouring: Old coloured in outline
Condition: Vey Good. Few faint folds. Left and right margin cut short. Nice and dark impression. Verso: blank.
Price: 560,00

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Scarce map of Andalusia and Granada. Two-sheet map depicts southern Spain, covering the Mediterranean coast from Ayamonte to Vera, and extending north to Badajoz in the west and the Sierra de Segura mountains in the east. The map was issued during the War of Spanish Succession, which was caused by the succession of the Frenchman Philippe of Anjou to the Spanish throne, thereby uniting France and Spain under the House of Bourbon. This upset the balance of power in Europe and was opposed by the British, Dutch and Germans. During the conflict, the southern part of Spain was the main theater of war. The maps include the Bay of Cadiz and Gibraltar and the major cities of Merida, Seville, Corduba, Granada, and Almeria. Each sheet has a large title cartouche, one in French and one in Spanish, both dedicated to Philip V.

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